Gas Leaks? Furnace Repair Experts are Ready to Prevent Bigger Issues

Posted: 2016-10-06

Given the frigid winters of the North Star state, proper heating for homes in Cottage Grove, MN is not just a luxury but a necessity. However, as with any appliance, a furnace is also subject to wear and tear, potentially leading to breakdowns.

Some problems, including insufficient heating and ignition troubles, may cause a bit of inconvenience, yet these aren't always cause for alarm. There is one furnace problem, though, that should cause alarm: gas leaks.

gas leaks

What You Can't See...

Many furnaces use natural gas or propane as fuel. Over time, however, the pipes and fittings in a furnace may deteriorate, thereby causing fumes from these fuels to leak.

The above-mentioned gases are naturally odorless; so, utility companies usually add a substance called mercaptan to lend these gases a telltale, sulfurous odor. If you smell such an odor in your home, it is quite likely that your furnace is leaking.

What to Do Next

As a safety precaution, the first thing you should do is ask your family to vacate the house. Gas fumes are toxic and prolonged exposure can cause serious health problems.

Since gas is highly flammable, avoid using any devices that might set off a spark or flame, such as electrical appliances and lighting. This includes phones; believe it or not, they can produce a spark that could set your home ablaze. Make calls from a neighbor's house instead. Then, be sure to call an HVAC expert to inspect your furnace and address potential leaks ASAP.

Until the HVAC contractor arrives, you should also take further steps to prevent sparks or flames in the interim. This includes keeping insulation away from all heat sources (i.e. water heaters, flues, vents) as they are highly flammable. Also, make sure the openings to the furnace air supply is unobstructed.

Wait for the Experts

After taking the necessary precautions to prevent a potential fire, it's time for you to wait for your HVAC contractor arrive. A Cottage, MN furnace repair expert will verify the presence of a leak and perform the necessary fixes to ensure a safe and efficient operation.

A gas leak is a serious home emergency, and knowing how to respond to one will ensure the safety of your family and home. Should you ever encounter one, keep these tips in mind.

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