Most Common Winter Furnace Problems You Should Look Out For

Posted: 2016-01-15

If you own a furnace, you must learn the common maintenance signs that occur during the winter. By contacting a professional service for heating in Cottage Grove, MN, you can resolve many issues before they affect your entire system.



When your furnace stops producing heat, find out if power is traveling to the unit. If the furnace has power, inspect the fuse box in your home. You must contact a technician if the ignition system is malfunctioning.


Cycling Heat

Your furnace will develop air flow problems after dirt clogs the blower or filter. If the debris isn’t removed regularly, the furnace will cycle on and off constantly whenever the temperature in the system rises.


Heating problems also occur when a thermostat is faulty. You should hire a heating expert if you don’t know how to troubleshoot specific components within a thermostat.


Inconsistent Temperature

When the temperature in your home remains low while the furnace is running, there is a leak in various spaces. You can resolve this problem on your own by sealing your windows and doors with insulation. If you need assistance, contact your utility provider and request an energy audit.


You’ll also experience inconsistent temperatures throughout your home if the vents aren’t adjusted properly. By hiring an HVAC contractor on a regular basis, you can prevent heat consistency issues. If any dirt is found in your system during the inspection, the technician will remove it by vacuuming the filters and coils.


Carbon Monoxide Leaks

When a furnace ages, the heat exchange begins to rust. If your unit is over 10 years old, you should use it wisely because it may gain a carbon monoxide leak. The gas usually flows out of tiny cracks that are found within the heat exchange. To prevent a carbon monoxide leak, a professional must inspect your system because you can’t find the cracks on your own. If you‘d like extra protection, you can keep your family safe by placing several carbon monoxide detectors in your home.


Air Handler Problems

After an air handler breaks down, a furnace won’t circulate air efficiently within different spaces. If your air handler needs professional repairs, you’ll hear a load grinding sound while the furnace is in use.


Furnace repair in Woodbury, MN need not be a problem if you find a knowledgeable and skilled company serving the area like Rumpca Services for your peace of mind.



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