Save Money and Prolong Your Heating Unit's Life With Annual Tune-ups

Posted: 2015-11-15

Lower your heating bill and avoid costly repairs with a furnace tune-up. Before you turn your system on for the winter, have a professional clean, inspect, and care for it to ensure that everything’s in top working order. Just as you have the oil changed regularly in your car; it’s vital that you invest in this ongoing maintenance for your home’s heating system.



Annual Inspections

The furnace is your most important appliance when the temperature drops, so you don’t want to take any chances. In order to avoid breakdowns, take care of your heating in Cottage Grove, MN. The experts recommend having your system serviced in the fall before you go to us it for the first time. This way it can be in top condition and ready to serve you throughout the cold winter months.


75 Percent of Repairs

The fact is that you can avoid a costly furnace repair in Woodbury, MN with regular maintenance. A tune-up is surprisingly affordable, and it costs significantly less than most repairs. With the right preventive services, you can prevent dangerous leaks, keep the system working properly, and ensure that it’s running efficiently.


What’s Included

A furnace tune-up will start with a basic cleaning of the housing and burners, but it goes far beyond this. The technician will clean the flame sensor, adjust combustion air intakes, change the filter, and inspect all connections. The blower will be checked and adjusted to ensure that it’s running at peak efficiency. Any parts that are showing the warning signs of failure can be replaced so that you won’t have to worry about breakdowns later.


Immediate and Long-term Savings

A furnace that’s property maintained draws less power and won’t strain under normal operating conditions. Not only does this lower your energy usage today, but it also helps you save in the future. Your furnace will last longer, and it won’t require as many costly repairs when you invest in a little maintenance.


A little care and attention will go a very long way when it comes to your furnace. Have it checked and cleaned annually to ensure that it’s ready for use.


Keep your home warm this year and save money by having your furnace tuned up. When you maintain peak operating efficiencies, you’ll save on utilities and repair bills.



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