What Can Go Wrong If You Hired the Wrong Air Conditioning Contractor

Posted: 2017-07-13

Unlike typical equipment found in your home, an air conditioning unit isn’t something you can easily install by yourself, especially if you have no prior experience installing one. It requires the expertise of a professional technician from a trusted HVAC contractor in Woodbury, MN. Here are some of the things that could go wrong if you let an amateur do your AC installation.


Too Much Refrigerant


Most amateur AC installers think that adding more refrigerant will allow an AC unit to produce cooler and fresher air. While it sounds sensible, the truth is that, like in almost all types of situation, too much of anything can be dangerous. Excess refrigerant can collect inside the compressor and cause sub-cooling, which will eventually damage the compressor and other components that the fluid makes contact with.


What Can Go Wrong


Insufficient Cooling Due to Faulty Ductwork


If you’ve decided to use a central air conditioning system to cool your home, then ductwork should be your primary concern. This part of the system is responsible for conveying cool air from the AC unit into your home. Even if your AC is properly installed and wired, if the duct system isn’t properly designed and fitted, you’ll get less cool air than you probably need. The entire system and your home may even be in trouble if cool air starts leaking into permeable surfaces.


Insufficient Cooling Due to an Undersized System


Before you call a contractor, it would be good to have an idea on the size of your home or the area that you need cooled by the AC unit. This way your technician can also have an accurate estimate of the size of the AC needed. It’s always best to have the technician visit your home to see the space in person to conduct a sizing analysis. This is the absolute best way to ensure your new air conditioning system is sized properly for your home and cooling needs.


The size of the AC is crucial because it can greatly affect your comfort and monthly cooling bill. An Undersized system will not produce enough cool air to keep your home comfortable but might spend twice as much on energy as a correctly sized unit. Therefore, choosing the right AC unit size is extremely crucial.


There are many other problems that you can avoid if you will only let an HVAC professional size and install your AC unit. Apart from that, you can enjoy tons of benefits from a well-installed unit, including comfort and lower utility bills. Not only should your technician promise outstanding workmanship throughout the project, but he will also make sure to recommend the most energy-efficient unit. A reputable technician may even go around the house and identify other potential issues aside from HVAC-related ones.


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