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5 Big HVAC Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

Homeowners can stay comfortable and improve the life of their HVAC system with proper selection, maintenance and repair of an HVAC system. The majority of homeowners are not aware of the specific recommendations and actions to improve the energy-efficiency of an HVAC system and reduce the potential for repairs. What mistakes can homeowners avoid when it comes to their HVAC system?

HVAC systems in new home construction and older homes need attention from homeowners and licensed HVAC professionals on a regular basis. Avoiding these 5 mistakes can help homeowners maximize the life of existing units and reduce associated repair costs and bills.

Skipping Maintenance


Your HVAC system needs to be checked before the start of warm-weather and cool-weather seasons. Not checking and maintaining HVAC units can result in malfunctioning parts going unaddressed. Such issues can force HVAC systems to work harder and increase your HVAC system’s energy use.

In addition, your ductwork should be inspected from an HVAC professional to address any problems and ensure the optimal delivery of cool and warm air. Most residents can schedule inspections for every two to five years. Homeowners with pets or smokers would benefit from inspecting ductwork more often than the timeframe given by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

Selecting an Improperly Sized Unit


Homeowners and contractors of new construction must make sure that the HVAC unit selected is the appropriate size to meet the needs of heating and cooling a home. Your home’s layout and ductwork need to be considered when determining the capacity of your central air conditioning unit. Units that are too small will not be able to perform specific functions optimally during peak periods, such as removing heat or humidity from air within a home. Residents in homes with improperly sized units then contend with feeling uncomfortable and wasting energy in a home.

Living with Outdated Units


HVAC units have come a long way. Homeowners of older homes have to deal with higher energy bills and regular repairs for units that can be over 20 years old. Consulting with an HVAC professional can determine when an HVAC unit needs repairs or replacement. Homeowners with new units often benefit from saving money on future energy bills.

Not Replacing Filters


It is important to regularly replace or clean air conditioning filters. Dirty filters result in dirty coils which can interfere with heat exchange, reduce cooling efficiency and increase energy costs. As such, filters are something everyone should have in stock in their home. Dirty filters and coils can even shorten the life an air conditioning system, forcing homeowners to lay out for an entirely new unit. Additionally, electronic filters and media filters can replace standard fiberglass filters to improve the home’s air quality for allergy sufferers. Changing filters as recommended by the manufacturer or your HVAC professional can improve your home’s air quality, increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and potentially allow you to get years of life from your air conditioning system.

Blocking or Closing Vents


Check for the presence of grilles or grates in walls or floors, indicating a forced-air heating system. Blocking vents with objects or furniture makes it more difficult for heated air to move into a home’s rooms. Homeowners who want to make it easier for their HVAC system to heat their home would do well to maintain space between these vents or grilles, and curtains, furniture or houseplants. Give your system the space it needs to properly and efficiently heat or cool your home.

HVAC Professionals are Here to help


There are many factors to address when maintaining HVAC units. Some homeowners and other unreliable contractors may do work on a unit that leads to additional headaches and stress. Excess refrigerant, poorly installing and fitting duct systems and choosing undersized systems to cool a home can all cause future problems for a homeowner. Homeowners need to avoid major HVAC mistakes and get maximum efficiency out of their HVAC unit. A trustworthy professional can help guide you in the right direction and get the most out of your system.


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