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Air Quality in Oakdale MN | Tips To Improve Indoor Air Quality (Part 2)

Air Quality in Oakdale MN

If you don’t have good indoor air quality, you could be at risk for some health problems. Some of these problems can be severe and even life-threatening. The solution is simple: improve your indoor air quality. Here are four more tips to improve the air quality in your home: Air Quality in Oakdale MN

Declutter and Clean

To improve indoor air quality, declutter your home. Remove items that you do not need or use anymore and place them in a storage facility if you can’t bring yourself to throw them away.

You should also remove items that are broken, expired, or no longer needed so they don’t continue to create dust particles in your home. If you find that there is an item sitting around your house gathering dust, donate it! It may sound obvious but removing trash from your home and keeping things tidy can go a long way in improving indoor air quality!

Install an Air Filter

The best way to improve air quality is to install a HEPA filter in your furnace or air conditioner. A HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter is a type of filter that removes up to 99 percent of pollutants and allergens from the air.

Many homes already have these filters, but you can also purchase them separately. If you don’t know whether or not you have one, check with the manufacturer of your heating and cooling system. 

If you live in an older house with an outdated heating or cooling system, replacing it might be necessary before installing a new HEPA filter into your home’s ventilation system. This may seem like an expensive project but it will save money over time because the health benefits are permanent.

Switch to Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

Toxic chemicals found in most cleaning products include ammonia, chlorine bleach, perfume and parfum (a mixture of synthetic and natural chemicals), fragrances (fragrance mixtures), phthalates (a group of esters derived from phthalic acid), phenols or phenolic compounds (molecules containing an aromatic phenol nucleus), triclosan/antimicrobials/antibacterials (substances used to kill bacteria) and formaldehyde. Be aware that you are inhaling these ingredients when you use them.

Non-toxic alternatives are usually more expensive than traditional options—but the health benefits are worth it! These products have been shown to be effective at cleaning surfaces without endangering your health or our environment.*

Skip the Candles and Fragrant Oils

Candles and fragrant oils are great for setting a mood, but they can be harmful to your health.

  • Candles: According to one study, the average candle emits more than 40 toxic chemicals into the air if burned for three hours at a time. These include benzene, formaldehyde, and other known carcinogens that have been linked to respiratory infections and cancer.
  • Fragrant Oils: Fragrant candles can also release formaldehyde into the air when you burn them—but this is not their only danger. Formaldehyde fumes are responsible for many of the negative side effects associated with scented candles: headaches, dizziness, nausea, and irritability.

Indoor air quality can make a big difference in our day-to-day lives and help us live happier and healthier lives. By implementing these simple changes in our homes, we can all enjoy better air quality without having to spend a fortune! For further air quality questions, contact your local HVAC company. We are Rumpca Services, located in Hastings, Minnesota, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Air Quality in Oakdale MN

Air Quality in Oakdale MN

Air Quality in Oakdale MN

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