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Furnace Repair Hastings | Reasons For Furnace Overheating

Furnace Repair Hastings

If your furnace keeps turning off makes sounds such as humming or scrapping and is emitting a burning smell during its operation it is most likely to be overheating. Nowadays the furnaces come up with a built-in switch that shuts down the system when it gets overheated so that the mechanical components don’t get damaged due to overheating. Furnace Repair Hastings

However, continuing its use will cause consistent overheating of the furnace and cause significant damage to it which will consequently increase the repair cost. below we will look at the common reasons for the overheating of the furnace

Restricted Airflow

Poor airflow is the most common issue that occurs in an overheating furnace. Your furnace air filter is created to trap or block the dust and other debris from entering your furnace and ultimately your house. However, when your air filter gets clogged the amount of air is restricted from entering the system which makes your furnace work harder and gets overheated. To avoid clogged or dirty air filters make sure to clean them regularly and change them every year to keep your furnace in good shape.

Dirty Components

If your furnace air filter is blocked with dirt for a long period it allows the internal components of the furnace to get coated with dirt including the blower motor and the coil. If the blower motor gets too dirty it won’t be able to ventilate itself and overheats in the case of a dirty coil it prevents the heat exchanger from moving the heat. A thorough cleaning is required frequently to cut down the probability of this issue.

Broken Gas Valve

In a gas furnace, the overheating could be a sign of a broken gas valve, a gas valve determines the amount of gas that enters the furnace to keep it at the right temperature. When the gas valve is broken it is incapable to regulate the amount of gas entering in and the gas in excess can cause the flame to increase in size this provides more heating than required causing the furnace to overheat.

Mechanical Failure

The furnace is a large machine that consists of many parts, failure of any of the mechanical components can cause the furnace to overheat. if your furnace overheating gives off a burning dust smell it is probably due to a short circuit or insufficient circulation.

The most crucial components of the furnace which include electrical wiring and blower motor are under severe stress and wear out of these components causes the furnace to overheat. This is why it is important to get your furnace a tune-up before the winters and this will prevent you’re your furnace from premature failure.

Old Age

If your furnace is overheating it may be because it has reached its age limit which is about 20 years if properly maintained. Over time as it reaches its end, the parts of the furnace will start of worn out and malfunction which can cause overheating, rather than investing in repairing old furnaces which will be costly and will only work for a few more years, it is better to replace your entire furnace system.

If your furnace isn’t working properly or is experiencing issues, then you should have an HVAC contractor in Hastings MN, like Rumpca Services, take a look at it and fix it for you.

Furnace Repair Hastings

Furnace Repair Hastings

Furnace Repair Hastings

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