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Furnace Repair Near Me Woodbury | Signs That Your Furnace Needs Maintenance

Furnace Repair Near Me Woodbury

A furnace is a system that produces heat and keeps your house warm in winters. We all need our furnaces to work efficiently and effectively throughout the winters. When your furnace starts to experience difficulty in producing heat your house gets uncomfortable and in the extreme cold, unlivable. If your house is no longer staying warm it’s a sign that there is a problem in your furnace and it needs maintenance. We will be discussing signs which will help you figure out that your furnace needs to be maintained. Furnace Repair Near Me Woodbury

Not Turning On

Usually, The first problem that occurs is that your furnace does not turn on. check your thermostat settings make sure it is on and is set to heat, clean your thermostat wiring and it would be best to change your thermostat battery yearly. Another issue may be that your blower motor may be dying and this will make your furnace incapable of pumping out warm air.

Yellow Pilot Light

If your furnace is gas-powered then make sure to check the pilot light that runs inside the furnace. In normal conditions, the pilot light produces bright blue color but if the pilot light emits yellow color then it’s a sign that your burner is clogged with dirt or there is a ventilation problem. the color change happens when carbon monoxide does not burn up completely and the surplus gas will escape into your house increasing health risks.

Spike In Utility Bills

During winters your utility bills naturally increase due to the furnace, but if your electric bills constantly increase over time, there is an issue in the energy efficiency system of your furnace. the common problem includes dirty furnace filters which block the furnace airflow make it work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the house consequently your utility bills increases. furnace cleaning will improve its efficiency and result in a better heating system.

Weird Sounds

If your furnace makes weird sounds such as rattling, rumbling, squealing, or scraping during its operation, there is a serious problem in your furnace. different noises correspond to different problems. if you hear sounds like squealing or scrapping there must be an issue in the blower motor or belt if the blower motor fan loses its screw it makes scrapping sounds, in some motors belt is used to spin the fan and if it gets worn down it makes squealing sounds make sure to get your furnace checked as these sounds may lead to greater damage.

Furnace Getting Old

The lifespan of a furnace is 20 years if it is properly maintained it could live more than 20 years and if not maintained could die before its time. regular maintenance of a furnace could make a big difference in the longevity of your furnace, for a proper functioning furnace it’s important to get it checked every fall this is the best way to reduce the probability of having problems, to begin with.

Make sure to watch out for the signs mentioned above and if you experience any issue in your furnace or if your furnace needs care, contact us.

If your furnace hasn’t been performing up to par, then you should have an HVAC contractor in Woodbury MN, like Rumpca Services, inspect your furnace for you and fix the problem.

Furnace Repair Near Me Woodbury

Furnace Repair Near Me Woodbury

Furnace Repair Near Me Woodbury

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