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Furnace Repair Oakdale | Reasons why your furnace isn’t responding to your thermostat

Furnace Repair Oakdale

The furnace thermostat is the core of your heating system which determines how much heat is to be delivered to the furnace to maintain the desired temperature around the house, once the temperature is reached the sensors in the thermostat signals your furnace to turn off, this process keeps repeating until your system is on. If your thermostat is on and your furnace fails to reach the thermostat temperature, there is a fault in your system. The potential reasons which are causing your furnace not to respond to your thermostat are explained below: Furnace Repair Oakdale

Clogged Air Filters

The most common reason for a poor functioning furnace is clogged air filters, the air filters prevent air impurities which include dust, debris, and other pollutants from entering the furnace. The clogged air filters reduce the airflow throughout your system which makes your system work harder to force the air to flow through the clogged filter and your furnace fails under additional stress. To avoid clogged filters maintain them by frequent cleaning and changing them after 2-3 months.

Faulty Thermostat Sensor

a faulty thermostat sensor could also be the cause of the poor heating, the digital thermostat has sensors that detect temperature changes and give signals to your system to turn off or on, if the sensor is damaged or outdated it won’t be able to sense any changes in the temperature and won’t be able to send commands to your furnace to heat your house consequently leaving you stranded in the cold. Make sure to inspect your sensor and replace it it is causing an issue in your furnace.

Aged Wiring

To connect with the furnace your thermostat relies on the wiring when the wires become outdated and they come loose and the system connection gets weak causing your furnace to fail. this matter should be handled by a professional as if the wiring is not handled correctly it may cause fire hazards. if you encounter wiring issues without any delay contact the technician.

Worn Out Heating Components

Worn-out and burnt heating components are also a reason for a failed heating system. The electric furnace heats the air using electricity instead of gas, the heating components are responsible to heat the gas if any of the heating components worn out or reaches its end, your system won’t reach the temperature which has been set on the thermostat, the unit will cycle for a longer time causing strain on the components and reducing the overall efficiency of the system. Therefore, you must have your furnace heating components checked and replace the component if it is no longer in a condition to work before it could lead to any further damage.

If your furnace is experiencing issues or in need of repairs/replacements, then feel free to contact the best HVAC contractors in Oakdale MN at Rumpca Services today.

Furnace Repair Oakdale

Furnace Repair Oakdale

Furnace Repair Oakdale

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