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Furnace Repair South St Paul | Importance Of Changing The Air Filter Of Your Furnace

Furnace Repair South St Paul

In extremely cold regions, heating systems and furnaces are a must to have. And you might have the worst luck if your furnace is not working properly and efficiently in cold weather. However, we can change your luck from worst to best! Taking care of your furnace is very important. Furnace Repair South St Paul

One of the crucial ways you should take care of your furnace is by changing its air filter. Often people underestimate the importance of changing the air filter of the furnace. Therefore, we will discuss why it is important, and what can be the consequences of a dirty and unchanged air filter.

The purpose of an air filter is to catch any airborne contaminants within itself, not to clean the air quality of your home, but to prevent these contaminants from entering the furnace. However, when too many contaminants build up on the air filter, they start getting distributed in your home and inside the furnace as well. This can result in dust build-up inside the furnace, which can be the start of some big furnace problems in the future.

Dust And Debris Build-Up

When you do not change the air filter of your furnace for a very long time, it can lead to dust and pollen build-up. This dust and pollen will get distributed inside the house and pollute the air of your home. So, if you have been noticing a lot of sneezing in your home, then you know it can be because of an unclean air filter.

You should never put off changing your air filters because pollutants clogged up on your air filters will get pumped into the air inside your home. This will cause asthma and allergic reactions.

Furnace Damage

What you might not be expecting is that your furnace can be damaged if you don’t change the air filters. This is because, when your furnace air filter is all clogged up, the furnace has to work twice as hard to produce the normal results. This reduces the efficiency of the furnace. As the filters are blocked, more work is done to overcome those blocked filters, this can wear out the furnace. This also leads to overheating of the furnace, which can seriously damage the furnace. Then you will have to spend money on the repair of the furnace.

Higher Energy Bills

As mentioned above, you already know that the build-up of dust and debris causes the efficiency of the furnace to drop. Lower efficiency means that your furnace will take longer to warm up your home. You might need to set it on a higher power setting to efficiently warm up the house. This can cause a spike in your energy bills.

Change Your Air Filters Before It Is Too Late

It is crucial to change the air filter of your furnace. A small change of air filter will make a big difference in the performance of your furnace, the indoor air quality of your home, as well as the lowering of energy bills. Therefore, if you do not want to have any major problems regarding your furnace, make sure that you change your furnace air filter at least every month.

If your furnace is in need of any repairs or replacements, don’t hesitate to contact Rumpca Services, the best HVAC company in South St Paul MN, today.

Furnace Repair South St Paul

Furnace Repair South St Paul

Furnace Repair South St Paul

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