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Furnace Replacement Stillwater MN | Should I Replace My 15 Year Old Furnace?

Furnace Replacement Stillwater MN

You may be wondering if it’s time to replace your old heating system. There are a number of signs that indicate when you need to make the switch, including: Furnace Replacement Stillwater MN 

How old is your furnace? Furnace Replacement Stillwater MN

How old is your furnace? If it’s more than 15 years old, you should consider replacing it. If it’s more than 10 years old, you should consider replacing it. If it’s more than 5 years old, you should consider replacing it.

When does it seem like your furnace is working the hardest?

  • When you are running your heat, particularly on a cold day. If you have a furnace that is 15 years old and has been running non-stop in these conditions, it might be time to replace it.
  • When it gets really hot outside Furnace Replacement Stillwater MN
  • When you are running your air conditioner on a very hot day. Same as above—if your system has been working hard year after year, then you may want to replace it before anything breaks down completely.

Are you paying too much for electricity or gas every month?

If you are paying more than you should, then you should consider replacing your old furnace. If you are paying more than you were before, then you should consider replacing your old furnace. If your utility bills are increasing, then it may be time to replace your outdated system with something new and efficient.

Do you think your home may be a fire hazard because of the furnace? Furnace Replacement Stillwater MN

  • Do you think your home may be a fire hazard because of the furnace?
  • Is your furnace working at all? If not, then this is more than just a question of whether it should be replaced or not. It’s also a safety issue that should be addressed with urgency by a professional mechanical contractor who can make sure everything is up to code and safe.
  • Is your old furnace leaking carbon monoxide into your house? This is another matter that needs to be addressed right away—and usually requires immediate replacement of the unit as well if leaks are severe enough for it to be deemed unsafe for use by anyone in the home (which includes pets).
  • Are there other problems with how well it heats or cools? If so, these can also point toward needing an upgrade or repair before replacing an older system entirely

Is your furnace noisier now than when it was new?

If your furnace has become noisier, it’s possible that you may need to replace the unit.

Noisy furnaces can be a safety hazard and are also a fire hazard. If you hear any banging or rattling noises coming from your heat source, contact a professional immediately to have them inspect the unit.

Noisy furnaces can also waste energy because they’re using more fuel to heat your home than they would if they weren’t so loud.

Are there water leaks from the furnace? Furnace Replacement Stillwater MN

If you see water leaks from the furnace, then there is a chance of damage to the furnace. This is because the water can get inside the system and cause mold to grow rapidly. The mold will cause the system to be inefficient and make it break down more easily than it should have been able to do so. Also, if there are lots of water leaks, then there will be too much moisture in your home which might make your house overheat or at least feel very uncomfortable when you try to use certain rooms like bedrooms because of how hot they get with all that extra moisture in them due to all those leaks around your home! Contact a professional HVAC technician so they can help with your furnace repair or furnace replacement for Stillwater MN.

Does it take longer for your home to heat up in the winter time with your current furnace?

You may have noticed that your heating system takes longer to heat up your home in the wintertime. A furnace system is designed to be efficient, and it’s normal for an older, inefficient one to take longer to warm up. If your furnace is 15 years old or older, it may be time for a furnace replacement Stillwater Minnesota.

If you’re not sure about the efficiency of your furnace, check the energy rating label on its blower door assembly (the metal box near where air enters from outside). The higher number refers to how much heat it produces relative to how much energy it uses. For example: if you have an 80% efficient furnace and set its thermostat at 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius), then approximately 20% of the energy being generated by that furnace will be wasted through various mechanisms such as convection and radiation before reaching inside of your home!

Heat pumps work differently than furnaces do because they use electricity instead of natural gas/propane/oil as their fuel source so they don’t waste any energy generating heat around them like their fossil fuel counterparts do.”

Are there drafts throughout your home when the furnace is turned on?

If you have drafts throughout your home when the furnace is turned on, it could be a sign of poor insulation. Drafts are also often a sign that there’s an air leak in your duct system or HVAC components themselves.

If you suspect that there’s an issue with insulation and/or ducts, then replace your old furnace with one that has better energy efficiency and higher quality materials. This will save you money in heating costs over time as well as maximize the lifespan of your new furnace.

Has the burner flame become yellow over time, indicating carbon monoxide problems?

Yellow flames are a serious problem that can indicate carbon monoxide problems. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and can cause permanent damage to the body. If you notice yellow flames, call a professional immediately to inspect your unit for carbon monoxide leaks.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is also known as “the silent killer” because it does not have any odor or taste. Symptoms of mild exposure include headaches, dizziness and nausea. More serious symptoms include loss of consciousness and death!

Is there rust or large cracks on any part of the furnace?

The first thing you should check is the condition of your current furnace. If there’s rust or large cracks on any part of the furnace, it may be time to replace it. Rust on the furnace indicates a problem with the heat exchanger—the component that transfers heat from your home’s air into its ductwork. Cracks can also be a sign of a leak, which could cause damage to other parts of your system. In addition to these potential problems, rust and cracks can cause carbon monoxide (CO) leaks into your home through combustion gases leaking out through cracks or holes in pipes or valves inside your furnace’s plenum chamber.

Are there multiple repairs needed at once, such as in a short amount of time and frequent repairs becoming necessary more often than normal?

If you have multiple repairs in a short amount of time and the furnace is older, it may be time to replace it. If the furnace has been serviced recently or is not running as efficiently as it used to, then this may be an indication that replacement is necessary. Additionally, if frequent repairs are needed more often than normal, this may also indicate that replacement of your system will be necessary.

Replace your old furnace.

If you’re thinking about replacing your old furnace, we recommend doing so immediately.

Replacing your furnace before it breaks down is not only good for the environment and for the planet, but it will also save you money in the long run.

Your old furnace may become a fire hazard if its internal parts begin to wear out. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms—your unit makes noises that don’t sound normal or has been making them for more than a few days, or there’s smoke coming from under the hood—it’s time to call in someone who can replace your old unit with something newer and safer.

The best way to avoid safety hazards is by having a properly serviced heating system in place. If heaters are left unattended without proper maintenance or repair services performed by experienced technicians, they can cause serious injury due to carbon monoxide poisoning or gas leaks (which could also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning).


If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you should probably think about replacing your old furnace. If not, then it may be time to think about investing in another one that is more energy efficient and will lower your monthly bills. If you would like your questioned answered, reach out to a professional technician. Here at Rumpca Services, we can help with all your HVAC needs! Do you need a Furnace Replacement Stillwater MN? Or maybe just a Furnace repair Stillwater MN? We can help with this! Contact us to learn more and to get the professional help you need.

Furnace Replacement Stillwater MN

Furnace Replacement Stillwater MN

Furnace Replacement Stillwater MN

Furnace Replacement Stillwater MN

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