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How Often Should You Replace Your HVAC Air Filter?

How Often Should You Replace Your HVAC Air Filter?

Replacing the air filter of your HVAC systems regularly is one of the most crucial things to do on your own to take care of your Heating system. Changing air filters routinely keeps your HVAC system operating efficiently and properly while also lowering your power bills.

However, many homeowners overlook this task. They ignore the dirty and clogged air filters of their HVAC systems for months or even more than a year. This results in higher energy bills and additional maintenance problems.

When using less expensive fiberglass filters, it is advised that you change the air filter in your HVAC system every 30 days. At the very least, air filters should be replaced every 90 days in your home. The longer the filter stays, the more pollen, dust, and allergens get trapped in, clogging up the filter and blocking the airflow in the system, which decreases its effectiveness.

Allergies Or Asthma

If you have asthma, you should replace your house filter more often. Because breathing problems like asthma makes a person more sensitive to the particles in the air. You should replace the air filter of your heating system every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the indoor air quality of your home as clean as possible.

If you do not change the air filter, the clogged-up pollen, dust, and other particles on the air filter will get distributed in your home and cause allergic reactions and other harmful effects to your health. Blocked air filters can produce illnesses such as horrible coughing, runny noses, allergies, and other problems that you’d rather not have.

Seasonal Changes

Replace the air filters with high-efficiency filters in flu and allergy seasons. If you see an increase in pollution in the air particles, you should replace your air filter more often.

If changing air filters more often is not something you want to do, then invest in more expensive and high-efficiency air filters. These filters require less frequent change of air filters and are more efficient in trapping pollutants in the air. There are different types of air filters available,  and we have a whole blog post on them!

Besides this, during renovations, the quantity of dirt and dust flowing in the house is likely to increase, blocking up your filter. In this case, you’ll need to replace your filters more often.


The frequency with which you replace your air filter is also depended on whether or not you have pets. Pets raise the amount of dander, fur, and dust in the indoor air of your home. These particles bind together and block the air filter, which prevents efficient airflow throughout your HVAC system.

It can get much worse if you have multiple pets since the collection of fur, dust, and dander increases in amount and blocks up your ventilation system. If you have more than one pet, you should probably replace your air filter every four weeks.

How Do You Know If Your Air Filter Needs to Be Replaced?

The purpose of an air filter in your HVAC system is to catch dust and debris particles in the air to prevent them from entering the HVAC system. This is because some components of the HVAC systems are sensitive to dust and debris buildup. Whenever you use your HVAC system, your air filter will be in use, which means that it will have dust and dirt collected in it.

There is no set rule; however, if the air filter only has a thin layer of dust on it and the filter material can still be seen beneath it, you do not need to change it. However, if there is a thick layer of pollutants clogging up the filter and you cannot see pass through them, then it is time to replace the air filter. It’s a sign that your HVAC has been housing the filter for too long.

Every month, you should check the air filter of your HVAC system. If the filter has a musty smell or is covered with dust, replace it immediately. Filters are affordable, so if you’re doubtful, it’s usually better to replace them sooner than later. Changing air filters often will help your HVAC system run more efficiently.

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How Often Should You Replace Your HVAC Air Filter?

How Often Should You Replace Your HVAC Air Filter?

How Often Should You Replace Your HVAC Air Filter?

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