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Where Should I Install an AC Unit? (Part 2)

Install AC Unit Where

If you are looking to install an AC in your home, whether it’s a traditional unit or heat pump, here are some things to look for when deciding where to place it in your home. Since every home is different, I can’t tell you exactly where the best location would be for every house, but this guide should offer some hints. Install AC Unit Where

As Close As Possible to Existing Ducts

The recommended distance is 6 feet, though the contractor will sometimes advise you to go closer if your ducts can’t be easily extended. Ideally, the unit should be right next to existing ones so that it can draw in cool air and push out warm air through those same ducts. However, if this isn’t possible—say because there’s some other equipment in the way—you’ll need to extend your ducts into an adjacent room where they’ll remain accessible for attaching new lengths of flexible pipe (called “flex lines”) and then running them back into the central system. Either way, make sure that any new flex lines are protected by insulation at joints and along their entire length; otherwise, they may get hot enough to melt nearby wiring or plastic pipes!

In a Spot Away From Trees or Other Landscaping

If you want to avoid dealing with the hassle of a tree, consider installing your AC unit somewhere other than the shady side of your house. You can do this by looking for an open area in your yard or near your house where there aren’t any trees or other landscaping that could obstruct airflow. If you look hard enough, you should be able to find at least one spot where there are no plants or brushes that might interfere with cooling down your home.

Careful Consideration When Deciding Where to Install an AC Unit Will Lead to Better Results

Consider the location of the AC unit. The right location can make all the difference when it comes to energy efficiency, comfort, and reliability. The best place for an air conditioner is in a spot where it’s protected from outdoor elements like sun, rain, and wind. Avoid placing an AC unit near large trees or shrubs that may shade it excessively during the summer months. Similarly, don’t install an AC at ground level if possible since this will increase humidity levels around your home and potentially lead to mold growth within your ductwork system.

If you are looking for the perfect time to install an AC unit in your home, the time is now. Contact a local HVAC company in Oakdale, Minnesota, such as Rumpca Services. We will help you install a new air conditioning unit and help determine the best location for it so you can keep your home comfortable this summer. Reach out today!

Install AC Unit Where

Install AC Unit Where

Install AC Unit Where

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