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Furnace Repair Cottage Grove MN | Keep a Warm and Welcoming Home By Maintaining Your Heating Systems​

On a really cold evening, is there anything better than stepping inside a Cottage Grove MN home and feeling the warmth? Do you often find your mood lifted when you’re in a warm environment? You’re not alone, as exposure to warm environments can make people feel happier.

Here’s how keeping your house warm can make it feel more welcoming and homely, and why maintaining your heating system is important.

Furnace Repair Cottage Grove MN

Furnace Repair Cottage Grove MN ​

The Relationship Between Heat and Happiness

It’s believed that warming your skin gives you a boost in happiness, possibly because the action causes an increase in electrical signals in your sensory sensory neurons. These signals are passed to the brain, which then causes your medial orbitofrontal cortex to be stimulated, giving a pleasant feeling.

This is all very technical, but in short, warm skin causes an uplift in mood. This reaction applies whether you’re in a hot tub, out in the sun, having a bath, or stepping inside a warm home after being out in the cold.

Heating Your Home

There are many heating systems for the home, but one of the most popular methods is using a central furnace. A furnace will blow heated air around your Cottage Grove MN home, which enters rooms using vents or grills.

As with any heating system, you can set it to turn on before you come home, so that it’s already warm when you step in through the door, producing a welcoming feeling.

The Importance of Furnace Repair

Leaving your furnace with a problem is a recipe for disaster, as you could come home to find yourself completely without heat during a harsh winter night.

Furnaces can be heated by electricity, natural gas, or fuel oil, and the method of heating will affect the common problems you may face. For example, furnaces that powered by electricity will fail during a power outage.

To avoid having no heat at all, make sure you get your furnace regularly checked by a reputable company. Any faults can be identified and dealt with before the heating system breaks down.

Alternatively, just make sure you’ve got the number of a trusted furnace repaircompany on hand to call when your system isn’t working at its best. Don’t let your home become an unwelcoming place to walk into at the end of the day.

Furnace Repair Cottage Grove MN ​

Professional Home Comfort With Rumpca Services | 651.459.2896

Your furnace has a direct impact on your family’s overall comfort during cold weather of Cottage Grove MN. That is why you need to take necessary steps in choosing the right unit for your home.

To make things easier for you, allow our experts at Rumpca Services properly size your brand new furnace. We offer complete furnace services, which include furnace repair, furnace service, furnace cleaning, furnace replacement, and furnace inspection, boiler repair, boiler service, boiler cleaning, gas piping, gas leaks, gas fireplaces, sheet metal work, video inspection.

We have multiple years of experience and knowledge in the HVAC industry, so you can be sure that the system we’ll recommend is definitely the best for your home. Call us for your Cottage Grove MN furnace installation and other HVAC needs.

Our Service Areas

Since 1984, we have served the St. Paul MN south metro area, including Cottage Grove, Woodbury, St. Paul Park, Newport, Inver Grove Heights, Hastings, Afton, South St Paul, Oakdale, Eagan, Mendota heights, Burnsville, Bloomington, Afton, Denmark township, North St Paul, Sunfish Lake, Maplewood, Lake Elmo, Hudson WI, Prescott WI, and the surrounding communities.


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“We have had the privilege of working with Rumpca Services for several years, as they frequently service our rental properties as needed. Their customer service, efficiency, knowledge, and quality of work are unbeatable.” – Crystal Wink

“Rumpca did a great job – quick, precise and neat. Thorough cleanup. Pleasant folks.” – Rich Irvine

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