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Rumpca Services, Inc.

For over three decades, Rumpca Services has been providing outstanding HVAC services to the residents of the Lake Elmo MN area. We express our appreciation to our loyal customers for their trust in our services. Whether you require furnace replacement or Lake Elmo MN AC repair, we are your reliable local company ready to assist you.

You can contact us today at 651-459-2896 to learn more about the many HVAC and plumbing services we have to offer!

HVAC Contractor in Cottage Grove MN
HVAC in Oakdale MN
Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

We’ve been providing exceptional HVAC services to our neighbors in the surrounding area for many years. We work hard to ensure your comfort, and we’re happy to bring comfort back into your home! Lake Elmo MN AC Repair

HVAC in Oakdale MN

HVAC in Oakdale MN

As a trusted heating and air conditioning contractor serving the Twin Cities area, we place great emphasis on the safety and satisfaction of our clients. We’re a licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC company in Lake Elmo MN that delivers top-quality workmanship while keeping safety standards at the forefront of every project. Our dedicated team takes pride in its exceptional workmanship and unwavering dedication to providing excellent customer service.

At Rumpca Services, we’re dedicated to providing outstanding workmanship, prompt service, and dependable repairs. We combine the expertise of our team with the latest advancements in industry technology to provide you with solutions for all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. Whether you need Lake Elmo MN AC Repair services or are considering system replacement to enhance energy efficiency, we’re here to assist you. Contact us at 651-459-2896 or through our website’s contact form to discuss how our HVAC services can benefit you.

Lake Elmo MN AC Repair

Lake Elmo MN AC Repair

Your Local HVAC Contractor in Lake Elmo MN!

As your trusted HVAC contractor of choice in the Lake Elmo MN area, as well as the surrounding areas, we are proud to serve our local community. We are known for providing exceptional products and services, including furnace installationfurnace repairair conditioning installationair conditioning repair, plumbing installation and repair, and sewer and drain cleaning. With our comprehensive range of services, Rumpca is the reliable HVAC company that you can rely on for all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs!

At Rumpca Services, we do it all! We offer a wide range of services from heating and cooling to plumbing and drain cleaning.

HVAC Contractor in Cottage Grove MN

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We sell mainly Lennox heating and cooling equipment. We also sell Fujitsu Mini Split Systems, Slant/Fin and Lockinvar boilers, Bradford White water heater, Honeywell thermostats, Aprilaire Humidifiers.


AirPro Flat Rate

$ 278
  • Main Component Rejuvenation
  • Rejuvenate sanitary piping and connection seals
  • Restore sanitary drain to clean condition
  • 6 months warranty
*rates are subject to change
$ 425
  • Basic Fixture Renovation
  • Restore sanitary drain to clean condition
  • Upgrade to new can't leak supply lines
  • 1 year warranty
*rates are subject to change
$ 638
  • Rejuvenate sanitary piping and connection seals
  • Restore sanitary drain to clean condition
  • 1 year safety inspection
  • 18 month warranty
*rates are subject to change
$ 850
  • Rejuvenate sanitary piping and connection seals
  • Restore sanitary drain to clean condition
  • 1 year safety check
  • 2 years warranty
*rates are subject to change

Our Testimonials

Bob Foley

"We had a great experience with Rumpca. Jeff and the crew were great, prompt and professional. Would gladly recommend Rumpca Services."

Nick Swedberg

"I really enjoyed working with Rumpca. They were efficient, courteous and the work product was superb! I will gladly work with them in the future."

Rod Heuer

"The replacement of the furnace and A.C. unit went smoothly. A small problem with the clearance of the furnace front access door to the closet door in front of it was remedied by moving the furnace back a half inch or so."

Crystal Wink

"We have had the privilege of working with Rumpca Services for several years, as they frequently service our rental properties as needed. Their customer service, efficiency, knowledge, and quality of work are unbeatable."

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Save Money on Utility Bills

Saving money on your utility bills is a goal shared by many homeowners, and implementing energy-efficient practices can make a significant difference. One way to start is by focusing on your HVAC system. First, ensure regular maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing air filters, to keep it running smoothly. Adjusting the thermostat by a few degrees can also yield savings. In colder months, lower the temperature and wear warmer clothing or use blankets. In warmer months, raise the temperature and utilize fans or natural ventilation to stay comfortable. Additionally, consider installing a programmable or smart thermostat to automate temperature adjustments. Proper insulation, sealing air leaks, and using window coverings can also prevent energy loss. Finally, when not in use, switch off lights, unplug electronics, and be mindful of water usage. By adopting these habits and optimizing your HVAC system in Lake Elmo MN, you can enjoy a more energy-efficient home while saving money on your utility bills.


Tips for Clean and Healthy Air

Maintaining clean and healthy air in your home is crucial for your well-being and overall comfort. Here are some tips to achieve it. First, prioritize regular cleaning to reduce dust, pet dander, and other allergens. Vacuum carpets, rugs, and upholstery frequently, and dust surfaces with a damp cloth. Next, ensure proper ventilation by opening windows whenever possible or using exhaust fans in areas prone to moisture, like the bathroom or kitchen. Consider investing in air purifiers with HEPA filters to remove airborne particles and improve indoor air quality. Additionally, regularly change or clean HVAC filters to prevent dust and pollutants from recirculating. Be mindful of using cleaning products and air fresheners that contain harsh chemicals, as they can contribute to poor air quality. Finally, maintaining optimal humidity levels (around 30-50%) with the help of humidifiers or dehumidifiers can prevent the growth of mold and mildew. By following these tips, you can create a clean and healthy indoor environment for you and your family in Lake Elmo MN.

What is the Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance?

Regular HVAC maintenance plays a crucial role in ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. By scheduling routine maintenance, you can prevent potential issues from escalating into costly repairs or system failures. Professional HVAC technicians can inspect and clean key components such as filters, coils, and ducts, removing accumulated dirt and debris that can obstruct airflow and reduce efficiency. They can also identify and address minor problems early on, such as refrigerant leaks or worn-out parts, preventing further damage to the system. Additionally, regular maintenance allows for the calibration and adjustment of settings, ensuring that your HVAC system operates at its peak efficiency, saving you money on energy bills. Furthermore, proper maintenance contributes to improved indoor air quality, as clean filters and ducts help remove dust, allergens, and pollutants from the air. Overall, investing in regular HVAC maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your system but also enhances its performance, energy efficiency, and the comfort of your Lake Elmo MN home or business.


Lastly, professional AC repair services in Afton MN typically come with a guarantee or warranty. This means that if any issues arise after the repair, the professionals will rectify them at no additional cost. This provides peace of mind and ensures the durability of the repair work.

Overall, hiring a professional for AC repair in Afton MN ensures that the repair is performed correctly, efficiently, and with the necessary expertise. Rumpca Services is a trusted provider of AC repair in Afton MN, and we possess the knowledge, experience, and skills to address all your AC repair needs.

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