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Why Install a New AC Unit This Spring (Part 2)

New AC Unit This Spring

We are well into Spring now which means that Summer is not far away. Summer in Minnesota can get hot, and you might want to make sure you are prepared for the hot weather that is to come. Here are some reasons now is the best time to install a new AC unit for your home: New AC Unit This Spring

Find a Bargain on AC During the Spring

You are more likely to find a bargain on an air conditioner during the spring. This means you may be able to install the HVAC unit you want rather than having to settle for the one that is in stock during a heatwave. Many companies offer spring specials, and they are less likely to charge extra for emergency weekend or evening installations because they are not as busy at this time of year. In addition, it will be easier for you to schedule an installation appointment that fits your schedule without having to wait weeks or months. Do not miss out on these savings opportunities this month because once this first batch of inventory sells through, most manufacturers begin raising prices in preparation for next year’s models.

Allows You to keep up with HVAC Technology and Lower Energy Consumption

Have you ever noticed that your old air conditioner is using more electricity than it used to? As an air conditioner gets older, its parts can wear down, meaning they run less efficiently and use more electricity. This will cause your monthly energy bills to rise higher than you would like. AC replacement is the best way to ensure that your AC unit runs more efficiently and saves money on energy bills. Newer air conditioning units are much more efficient than their predecessors and therefore, use less electricity. When choosing a new AC installation, consider how much power it uses in relation to its size; this will be indicated by the SEER rating stamped on each unit. You should also pay attention to the performance of your new AC unit as soon as it is installed. If you notice that your energy bills are climbing after installation, then you may need to contact an HVAC company to repair the AC unit.

Spring is Perfect Timing for Installation

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about upgrading your air conditioning system. We may still be enjoying mild weather before we experience the heat of summer, but it is not too early to start considering a new AC system. In fact, spring is one of the best times of year to upgrade your home cooling system with a new high-efficiency AC unit that can save you money on your cooling bills all season long! Upgrade now and avoid peak summer demand for installations. When you need to replace an old or inefficient AC system, many homeowners find themselves in a rush to get their homes equipped with a reliable cooling system once summer arrives—and that means they might not get their top choice of installation date or equipment model if they wait too long! 

If you are looking for the perfect time to update your AC unit in your home, the time is now. Contact a local HVAC company in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, such as Rumpca Services. We will help you install a new air conditioning unit before the hot summer months come so you will be comfortable in your house. Reach out today!

New AC Unit This Spring

New AC Unit This Spring

New AC Unit This Spring

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