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Furnace Replacement Eagan MN ​| Potential Problems with Heating in Eagan MN

Locals are halfway through the Minnesota winter, but that only means heating in Eagan MN should be a higher priority than ever. Hopefully, you’ve had your heating system fully checked before the start of the season, even repairedif necessary. Despite this measure, it pays to keep an eye out for unpredictable furnace problems you might encounter when temperatures plummet. Here are some common furnace problems Eagan MN homeowners face during winter:

Furnace Replacement Eagan MN

Furnace Replacement Eagan MN ​

Ignition Breakdown

Many homeowners in the area use gas furnaces, and if you’re one of them, your system typically starts up with the use of an ignition device. Once that ignition fails, your furnace will fail to ignite the burner assembly which is critical to heating. Have you experienced difficulties firing up your furnacerecently? There might be trouble with its ignition. This can be an annoying problem, but an HVAC professional should be able to provide a long-lasting solution in no time.

Air Handler Failure

If an operating furnace makes loud, grinding sounds, watch out for air handler failure. The job of this part is to circulate air throughout the furnace system while it is running. Friction is generated during this process, so oiled bearings are fitted in your air handler motor. With time, these oiled bearings can require replacement when they break down. If not addressed swiftly, the air handler motor will burn out due to the mounting friction. Replacing bearings is more affordable than replacing the entire air handler motor. To avoid unnecessary expenses and maintain heat, it’s wise to call for furnace repair in Eagan MN the moment you hear that grinding noise.

Short Cycling

furnace that switches on and off every few minutes can spell serious danger. Heat might be trapped in your furnace which can be caused by a clogged air filter. In turn, this can result to rising temperature way beyond acceptable levels. The furnace then shuts off to avoid overheating. However, this doesn’t solve the issue. Once your furnace has cooled down, it goes through the exact same process of overheating. The repetition stresses out your furnace, which can lead to further damage or worse, a complete breakdown. Call the experts to address this immediately.

Winter in Eagan MN is when your furnace works the hardest. This can mean increased wear and tear, and the probability of serious malfunctions also rises. Despite maintenance, it is important to be vigilant for potential malfunctions. This ensures safe and comfortable heating for your home throughout the season.

Furnace Replacement Eagan MN

Professional Home Comfort With Rumpca Services | 651.459.2896

Your furnace has a direct impact on your family’s overall comfort during cold weather of Eagan MN. That is why you need to take necessary steps in choosing the right unit for your home.To make things easier for you, allow our experts at Rumpca Services properly size your brand new furnace. We offer complete furnace services, which include furnace repair, furnace service, furnace cleaning, furnace replacement, and furnace inspection, boiler repair, boiler service, boiler cleaning, gas piping, gas leaks, gas fireplaces, sheet metal work, video inspection.

We have multiple years of experience and knowledge in the HVAC industry, so you can be sure that the system we’ll recommend is definitely the best for your home. Call us for your Eagan MN furnace installation and other HVAC needs.

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“Rumpca did a great job – quick, precise and neat. Thorough cleanup. Pleasant folks.” – Rich Irvine

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