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Where Should I Install an AC Unit? (Part 1)

Where Should I Install an AC Unit

Now that it’s summer, you’re probably thinking about installing an air conditioning unit. But before you get started, there are a few things to consider: where to put it, what kind of unit works best for your home, etc. In this blog, we will go over what to look for when choosing a good location for your air conditioner. Where Should I Install an AC Unit

On the Side of the House with the Most Shade

A decision you will want to make is whether you want your AC unit on the side of the house that receives the most shade or in an area with less. You’re probably thinking, “Wind and rain are pretty important for keeping my AC cool!” That’s true, but the biggest factor affecting your unit’s performance will be how much sun (or lack thereof) hits it throughout the day. If your backyard has trees or other plants providing shade from direct sunlight during peak hours, then this is definitely where you should install your air conditioner—even if there isn’t as much wind protection or rain protection in that area of your yard. And even if all four factors—wind protection, rain protection, shade, and sunlight—are equal between two different spots in your yard: always choose shade over everything else!

On the Side That is Most Protected From Rain, Wind, and Sun

You should install your AC unit on the side of the house that is most protected from rain, wind, and sun. You want to get as much protection from these elements as possible to prevent damage to your AC unit. If you don’t know which side of your house is more protected than others, ask an expert for help. If you do know which side has better protection (or if there isn’t any difference), install it there!

On a Flat Surface

If you want to install an AC unit, make sure that the surface is not sloped. This is because if it’s too steep, water will build up and spill over into your home. Also, avoid putting it down on any surfaces that are uneven or soft—your unit might sink into the ground or get pushed around by the wind. If you put it on top of hard ground like concrete or asphalt, then it may be more stable but could still be affected by strong winds. Finally (and this is really important), don’t place your AC unit really close to a wall because its backside will get very hot and catch fire if there are flammable materials nearby! Make sure there is a gap between the air conditioner and a wall or any elements. 

If you are ready to install an AC unit in your home, Reach out to a local HVAC company in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, such as Rumpca Services. We will help you install a new air conditioning unit and help find the best location for it so you can keep your home comfortable this summer. Contact us today!

Where Should I Install an AC Unit

Where Should I Install an AC Unit

Where Should I Install an AC Unit

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